Cancer Prevention Center

Impression of peace and harmony

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  • address: Warsaw, Roentgen Street
  • area: 3400 sqm
  • built: 2007 – 2011


The primary assumption made by the designers of the new Centre for Preventive Oncology was to create an impression of peace and harmony that are important for persons arriving for periodic examination at this facility. Hence the decision to use minimal means of expression. The core part of the building was designed as a homogenous glass mass. The larger part of the elevations, with the exception of openable vertical windows in the offices and glazings of the lobby lounge, has been finished with translucent glass. Owing to that, the interiors will be well lit, they will seem to be more spacious and, at the same time, their intimacy will be maintained. The perception of the building, which will be lit with the light from the interiors of individual rooms and offices, from the outside in particular during the winter months when dusk comes early, will be as important.

To emphasize the character of the building, the designers assumed the use of light silver colours which are contrasted against the only dark element, which is the awning above the entrance and the café.

This approach will accentuate the entrance to the building.

The single-storey pavilion of the café with the building of the clinic constitute a whole from the front and, at the same time, hide the existing transformer station building. The internal, east-south elevation from the side of the technical buildings of the Centre for Preventive Oncology has a different character. It is a plane divided by the openings for windows, whose size and number strictly relates to the function of the rooms inside.

Project Authors: Stefan Kuryłowicz, Jacek Syropolski, Magdalena Rostowska
Project Co-Authors: Barbara Michałowska, Bartłomiej Sabela, Magdalena Pawlak, Rajmund Rajchel