GTC Domaniewska

Office Building Complex

  • category:
  • address: Warsaw, Wołoska and Domaniewska Streets
  • area: 95000


“The transition from an industrial society to a post-industrial, service-based economy is well represented in the neighbourhood of Służewiec in Warsaw, where factories have been either replaced or converted into modern office space. The graphic motif of lush greenery designed onto the façade serves as an involuntarily ironic comment on the shortage of public space in a neighbourhood that urban planning forgot.” – Grzegorz Piątek, Jarosław Trybuś; “Passion & Pragmatism. Man, architecture, freedom”

Project Authors:

Stefan Kuryłowicz, Marta Chrzanowska, Mikołaj Kwieciński, Piotr Żabicki