Municipal Stadium in Wrocław



Competition project involves the implementation of a monumental building with a severe character, corresponding to city’s specific attribute and its sports function. Horizontal facade being a reference to the modernist and commercial architecture of Wroclaw, is a reflection of the structure of the building, which consists of eight functional levels, wrapping the heart of the stadium- the field and its audience. These levels are formed as separate “slices” with variable, soft geometries surrounding the stadium’s basin.

The stadium is simple, “sterile” and elegant. And its concise expression is fully discovered during the sports event. Breaking the monotony and monumental rhythm by dynamic and variable geometry on different levels of each functional rings, suggests the excitement caused by a sport event.

Project Authors:
Stefan Kuryłowicz, Michał Adamczyk, Mikołaj Kwieciński, Wojciech Pachocki, Bartek Tylman, Agata Bieńkowska, Michał Niemyski