Passive House

Sustainable residential unit


Low-tech sustainability

Most of sustainable designs depend on machinery, technologies which are not only expensive but also not environmental friendly during its production. What if the form of building and its orientation could fulfill the performance of the building as an energy efficient unit?

A low-tech way of gathering energy by using solar power is not expensive. Massive materials, preferably in darker colors collect and store better solar energy during the day and return it during the night. Unlike active solar heating systems, it doesn’t involve the use of mechanical and electrical devices what most of the times increase the energy consumption. One of the most important factors in this design is how the form responds to the local climate. A crucial feature is the reliance between the position of the openings in the facades and the accumulative materials located in the walls and floors, which corresponds with different times of the year and sun angle. This low-tech design could be applied easily not only to new buildings, but also to existing buildings which can be adapted.