Postindustrial Intervention

Energy-generating canopy


In the city center of Warsaw an old factory is left abandoned. Here Philips lamps used to be produced for many years and in result not only the whole building but the entire soil on the site is contaminated with mercury. It is not suitable for permanent stay. Therefore a new function for this location had to be found.

The aim was to create an installation that would generate energy for the neighbourhood. The orientation of it’s different parts is optimized in relation to solar radiation. This roof would consist of an energy generating top layer with transparent photovoltaic cells, the structural layer in the middle and a galvanized steel layer on the bottom which would shade the sun.

To partially decontaminate the site all the slabs and walls would be removed from the existing building and only the main structural elements would be left standing. Where possible columns and beams would be removed to create bigger spaces. The new form would act as a support for the old structure.

This iconic design is a sustainable machine which corresponds with the past image of the site.