Prosta Tower

Striking concrete and glass facade

  • category:
  • Warsaw, Prosta Street
  • area: 7400 sqm
  • built: 2007-2011


Situated in the Warsaw city centre, the Prosta Tower features a very striking concrete and glass facade complete with a superb architectural concrete finish. With the help of a comprehensive formwork and scaffolding solution designed to match the high requirements, the construction team required only 11 months for the structural work.

The downtown area of the Polish capital of Warsaw has a new architectural highlight. It´s not the 70 m height and shape that makes the Prosta Tower unique – it is the front of the building consisting of glass and a reinforced concrete structure comprising individual diamond-shaped sections in a perfect architectural concrete finish that characterizes the appearance of the office block. The delicate, forward and reverse-inclined concrete facade has been installed in the form of a net over the external glazing – in addition, it serves as a structural component.

Project Authors: Stefan Kuryłowicz, Piotr Kuczyński, Piotr Kudelski, Karolina Miklaszewska, Justyna Chmielewska, Adam Sarnacki
Project Co-Authors: Mikołaj Kwieciński, Michał Adamczyk